Cross My Heart

I finished reading Cross My Heart last night. Cross my Heart is by James Patterson. It is the 21st book of the Alex Cross book series. My best friend had been giving me James Patterson books lately, but I haven’t gotten around to read them. I found out they were on Overdrive so this is one of the books she gave me. I plan on giving the actual books away.

Warning: this book has a cliffhanger ending. It continues into the next book, Hope to Die.

Cross My Heart is about Alex Cross. lol Alex had been having a tough time keeping up with cases. One case is of a guy who goes into a massage parlor and guns down the people in there and then takes one of girls with him. Another case that Alex’s wife does is where some babies were kidnapped. A writer named Marcus Sunday stalks Alex Cross. He is obsessed with getting revenge on Alex for giving him a bad review. Marcus has a cover where he calls himself Thierry Mulch. He ends up sending a letter to Alex telling him he had been solving the massage parlor wrong.Alex and his wife discover that their cases are connected. They solve the case. But then Marcus kidnaps Alex’s family. He thinks they are dead until Ava discovers they might not be. And that is how it ends. I didn’t like this book, but I hate that it has a cliffhanger ending.

I am hoping to “read” Hope to Die next. It will be an audiobook so I can use my new earbuds.

If you want a good book to read, check out Cross my Heart on

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