Summer is here!!

Monday was the first day of officially summer!!
Tuesday I decided to try on my bathing suit on again to make sure it fits when I go to my grand-aunt’s house for the fourth of July. I can’t swim, but I like to get in her pool. Happily it fits still. I was worried because lately I had to buy some new bras and shorts.

Speaking of shorts, a few months ago I had tried on my shorts. I usually can fit in them, but not this year. Two of my shorts didn’t fit. So my grand-aunt and I went shopping for new shorts. I ended up getting three shorts.  I gave those shorts that didn’t fit to my mother.

One of the shorts I bought is way too short, but I love the color of them.
I couldn’t find the exact shorts on, but here they are on the Kohls’ website:

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Father’s Day weekend

Sunday is Father’s Day!! So Happy early Father’s Day to the fathers out there and to everyone who has a father!!

I don’t really enjoy Father’s Day because I never met my biological father. I know his name and where he lives. I even wrote him and he supposedly wrote me back, but he hasn’t written since. I have three stepfathers. One stepfather died when I was very little. The second one I haven’t seen in many year. The third one died a few years ago.

I do know that Jesus is the ultimate father.

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Budokon 2

I forgot to say that I had personally renamed Budokon as my personal torture because it is so hard. It can be fun at times. Also Chris had seen the first two workout dvds. He hasn’t seen the third one yet. I also forgot to say the music on the workout dvds is beautiful and awesome. When I do the mediation part, I think myself as a warrior. lol

I also forgot to put in the Budokon website for those people who want to know more about the workouts. Cameron Shayne does workshops all over the world. He also has teaching sessions which are thousands of dollars that happen all the world too. I did learn some through his periscope and youtube lessons. I sorta wish he would do another workout dvd for his second series. I say sorta because he has been doing handstands which I can’t do yet.

Here is the website:

Anyway today I’m posting about Budokon Strength and Balance.It is the second workout dvd. Like the first one it is a fluid 50 minute movement.I do takes breaks to get water and get my breath. This one has the balance pose Crow which I said previously was the pose my glasses became crooked on. I am little better with pose now. But you also have to roll up into Crow which I can hardly do. I modify it. Also you also roll into warrior three. I can hardly do that one too. You also do side crow which is very hard. Also in the dvd, you do floating pushups and floating komondo dragons. I can’t float anything yet.

Chris thought the floating pushups looked hard on this dvd.  Chris did like the two workout dvds.

If you want a fun and challenging workout check out Budokon Strength and Balance on

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Budokon workout dvds

My fiance, Chris, is a black belt in karate. He wants one day to own a dojo (a martial arts school). I asked him one time when he visited to teach me some moves. He taught me a move. I wanted him to teach me some more moves, but he told me to do that one move 50 times.

Since he doesn’t visit much, I decided to find a martial art dvd. I had been looking at the Budokon workout dvds for awhile before I really decided to get them. The Budokon workout is a mix of martial arts (mainly Karate) and yoga. There are three workout dvds. The first one I’m posting about today called Flow and Flexibility. The instructor is Cameron Shayne.  He is really cute. I found out later that he is from Charlotte, NC which is near where I live.

All the Budokon workout dvds are 50 minutes long. They also have tutorials on all the moves. Cameron is a great teacher too. They have mediation too. You can choose to the mediation at the beginning only, ending only, both, or no mediation. I do both beginning and end. At the end he says a saying.

Budokon Flow and Flexibility is a fluid 50 minute movement. He doesn’t take many breaks. I do pause the dvd to take breaks to get water and get my breath. In this dvd, you do third warrior which is a balance move. I can hardly do the move, but I attempt it. You also roll around on the floor which is fun. Actually the whole workout series is fun to do.

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Flare Jeans

Before Black Friday last year, I discovered that some of my favorite jeans were getting holy. I went to the mall to see what they had. I was surprised and excited to see that flare jeans were back in style. I saw some Jessica Simpson flare jeans that I loved. I tried them on to see what size I would need. I wanted to get them on Black Friday.

On Black Friday though my mother fussed that the jeans were way too long on me.
I’m 4’11. They didn’t have any in petite. Then my mother was complaining that she was sick so our shopping trip was cut off short.

So I decided to find some flare jeans online. I saw some by Ana. So I bought them. They are high rise flare jeans. I love them. They fit perfectly and they aren’t too long.

I got the jeans at JcPenney. They do have some on, but they aren’t flare jeans and not the exact ones I bought.

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Inferno (Dan Brown book)

Before I went to my mother’s house, I found out about the movie Inferno coming out. I was thinking of getting the book, but I was afraid of getting into the book and not be able to read it the day I was going to my mother’s house. So when I got there, I got the book. I finished reading it this morning.

Inferno is written by: Dan Brown. It is the fourth book of the Robert Langdon series. Inferno is about Langdon wakes up in a hospital with not remembering the past few days. He was told he had been shot in the head. He later learns that he had been on a mission to find out what a crazy genius guy had planned. He finds out that the crazy guy had planned to release some of kind of plague on a certain date. He began rushing to find out where the plague was being released at.

Alot of people on IMDB didn’t like this book. I actually liked it.The movie is supposed to be coming out in October. Tom Hanks is again Robert Langdon. I can’t wait to see the movie.

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American Psycho

Before Christmas, I asked Chris if he had seen the tv show Mr. Robot. When he said no that is when I decided to get him the DVD set of the show. So I asked him if he has seen the movie Fight Club. If he hadn’t seen it, I would have to bring it with me at Christmas. He said he had. I also asked him if he had seen American Psycho. He said no. So I decided to bring it with The 40 year old Virgin.

The reason I asked him about Fight Club and American Psycho because Mr. Robot hints to both movies. I really like American Psycho because it’s sick and twisted. I thought Chris might like it.

American Psycho is based on a book by Bret Easton Ellis. I haven’t read the book yet. But I think I will. The movie is a spoof of 1980’s. It follows a man named Patrick Bateman and you watch him slowly go insane.

After watching the movie, I asked Chris if he thinks that everything happened they did, or if Patrick just imagined everything. Chris thinks he imagined everything, while I think everything happened the way it did.
There was a sequel called American Psycho 2, but I don’t think it was as good as the first one. The second movie is about a girl who also goes slowly insane.
I also found out there is a Broadway musical of American Psycho. I might have get Chris to get me tickets to see next time I go up to NJ.

You can get the movies, and the book at

Black Swan Green

After reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, I read Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. I did like the book, but some words I had to look up because I don’t know England slang. I’m American. Also the book has some events I didn’t know about that happened in England. Also the book has a weird ending. The book was still a good book to read.

Black Swan Green is set in 1982 in Worcestershire, England. Black Swan Green is about a thirteen year old boy whose name is Jason Taylor. He has his first crush, and his first kiss. It is a coming of age book. It does have a small mention of a restaurant named The Thousand Autumns. lol  By the way, Black Swan Green is a lake where Jason and boys played on.
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My second new favorite author

My second new favorite author is David Mitchell. He’s not new to writing, but new to me. I have read most of all his books,. There are two that I want to read, but haven’t yet.
The book I’m talking about today is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. There was a movie based on the book. But I think the book was a lot better than the movie. It’s an awesome and mind blowing book.

Cloud Atlas is set in different timelines. All of the stories of the people are connected. And the people are connected in one way or another. It starts in the year 1850 and goes way into the future.

If you want to have your mind blown, check out this awesome book and movie on

Watching a 3D movie

At Christmas, Chris wanted us to go out while the maid was going to clean up the house. So he suggested for us to go see a movie at mall. The only other movie I wanted to see was the new Star Wars movie. He kept saying the movie would probably be sold out.

So I picked out two movies. The Big Short, or Point Break. Chris picked Point Break. The movie was in 3D. I hadn’t seen a 3D movie in a long time. I was little afraid because those old fashioned 3D glasses didn’t fit over my glasses too good. I reread the IMDB description of it again and I decided it sounded good.

The movie theater was an eat-in theater which was really cool. I wish our theater was one. The 3D glasses did fit over my glasses perfectly. The movie was awesome in 3D.

Point Break is a remake of an earlier version. I haven’t seen the earlier version yet. The movie is about a FBI agent that goes undercover to stop some extreme sport athletes from doing heists.

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