Hope to Die (Alex Cross)

This I finished listening to Hope to Die by James Patterson. Hope to Die is the 23 book of the Alex Cross book series. It is the continuation of Cross My Heart. It was also one of the books my best friend gave me.

Warning: this book has lots of cussing in it and some gross parts.

Hope to Die continues with Alex getting the news that a body was found. They thought it was his wife. Then later he finds another body in his backyard of a boy who could have been his older son. Mulch tells Cross that he has to kill someone and videotape it. Alex finds out the woman and boy were not his wife and son. Alex finds out more about Mulch from an old detective. Mulch had supposedly killed his father by pushing him into a pig sty. The old detective’s daughter helps Cross stage a killing of the old detective. Mulch thinks the video is real, but he ends up getting mad at Cross for finding out about his past. So he orders Cross to kill two more people. Mulch’s lover/helper gets the idea that she might be next killed so she decides to lessen the medication on Cross’ family so they will wake up. Then she leaves Mulch. But she did a stupid thing by taking some of Mulch’s money (unless she was buying the family time to wake up). He finds out and goes to kill her. He straps her to poles and lets alligators eat her. (She had killed her father by feeding him to alligators.) Cross and others came and rescued her. Cross couldn’t get anything about where his family was from her. He meets a psychic along the way and she tells him where they are. Alex’s grandmother kills Mulch, and they all were rescued.

I liked this book. This afternoon I’m starting One Shot by Lee Child.

If you want a good book to read or listen to, check out both Cross My Heart and Hope to Die on Amazon.com or Walmart.com.

Hope To Die James Patterson at Walmart icon
Cross My Heart James Patterson at Walmart

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