Dark Triumph

I finished reading Dark Triumph by: Robin La Fevers last night.  It is the second book of His Fair Assassins book series. It was really good. The other books in the series are Grave Mercy, and Mortal Heart. I love this series. I read on facebook that she is writing more books in this series which is great.

Warning: there is some incest in this book.

The His Fair Assassins book series are historical fiction. The book series is about nuns who are trained to be assassins. The books take place in 1489.

Dark Triumph is about a young girl named Sybella. She came to the convent just before Ismae (the girl in the first book) did. Sybella was very wild, but her and Ismae became friends. Once she settled down in the convent, they decided to send her on some assignments. Her fourth (I think) assignment was for her to sent to a man’s household. That man was Count D’Albert. Sybella is actually that man’s daughter supposedly. But she does reveal later that her mother had slept with Death so she isn’t his biological daughter. While she was there in the household, she get another assignment to save a prisoner whose name is Beast. But Beast was very wounded and too heavy for her to carry. She used a lie to keep him going. She was intending to stay so she could kill Count D’Albert. He had no mark, but she was going to kill him anyway. But Beast knocked her out and she ending up going with him. She helped him with his wounds and had help along the way. She is then asked to go back to the Count’s household, but Beast had other plans. They fell in love with each other, and he was not going to let her get killed.She finds out why the Count didn’t have the mark. His victims didn’t want him in the Underworld with them. She watched her brother (he’s sick in the head) die by the Count. Then she ends up killing him.

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