The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

A few years ago, an infomercial was on tv and it was for a dvd set called Kardio Karate. It is different than the Cardio Karate dvd set I talked about yesterday. This on was marketed as a much easier version, and similar to Tai Chi.  I had wanted to get the dvd set, but the price of it was a bit too much.

Here is a youtube video of the infomercial that was shown:

A few years later I found the dvd set was at, but it was sold out. Here’s the website for it:

One of the dvds of that set is called The Perfect Martial Arts Workout with Michael Nevermind. I found out it was sold as a separate dvd like the Martial Combo dvd (the one I talked about yesterday). It was categorized as Tai Chi on So I thought I would get it a try.

Michael Nevermind is the instructor of the dvd. The workout is 32 minutes long. There is no jumping and you don’t need equipment for the workout. Michael Nevermind is a really good instructor.  The workout is one fluid movement.

Later I found out that JB Burns, who created both dvd sets, had made a similar dvd. It is also named The Perfect Martial Arts Workout. He talks about the purpose of the moves. He also does a handstand at the end. He does really fast with the moves.

Here is the youtube of that dvd:

I really like the Michael Nevermind version because he does go slow which is perfect for days I need an easier exercise to do. But I wish he had explained the purpose of the moves like JB Burns does in his dvd.

You can find the easy version (Michael Nevermind) of The Perfect Martial Arts Workout on and
The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

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