Father’s Day weekend

Sunday is Father’s Day!! So Happy early Father’s Day to the fathers out there and to everyone who has a father!!

I don’t really enjoy Father’s Day because I never met my biological father. I know his name and where he lives. I even wrote him and he supposedly wrote me back, but he hasn’t written since. I have three stepfathers. One stepfather died when I was very little. The second one I haven’t seen in many year. The third one died a few years ago.

I do know that Jesus is the ultimate father.

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One thought on “Father’s Day weekend

  1. Thank you for sharing those ideas! Dad’s are notoriously hard to buy for. I was thinking about giving him cash (for travelling) but my brother said he likes the store Eddie Bauer. It has travel clothes that you can wash up in the sink, and dry quickly. That way he can pack light!


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