Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I finished listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J K Rowling. It is the second book of the Harry Potter book series.

Warning: there is a little bit of violence and gross parts.

Since everyone knows the story here’s a quick summary: Harry Potter enters his second year at Hogwarts. Harry and his friends discover the meaning behind some mysterious writings on the wall and the voices Harry hears.

I watched the movie and there are a few differences between the movie and book:
1. In the book, Harry is invited to a ghost DeathDay party in the book. The movie doesn’t show the party.
2. When Harry arrives at the Wesley house, they were found by Mrs. Wesley outside who orders them to tend to the garden in the book. The movie doesn’t show this.
3. Harry doesn’t fall out the flying car in the book.
4. Harry looks at the KwikSpell letter in the book. He doesn’t really read it in the movie.
5. Professor Binns’ history is where they learn about the history of the Chamber of Secrets.
6. Draco doesn’t see the golden snitch in the book.
7. Ginny tries to tell Harry something, but Percy stops her in the book.

I did like this book. I’m reading next Cell by Stephen King. It is my next book to movie book.

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