Murder on the Orient Express 2017

I watched Murder On the Orient Express (2017) on Thursday. It has Kenneth Branagh, Leslie Odom Jr., Marwan Kenzari, Josh Gad, Tom Bateman, Johnny Depp, Sergei Polunin, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Judi Dench in it.

Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

Quick Summary: Poirot is on a train called The Orient Express. A body is discovered to be of a criminal in a kidnapping case. Poirot solves the murder.

There are a few differences between the movie and book:

  1. Poirot doesn’t get shot in the book.
  2. Poirot asks for water in the book.
  3. there aren’t any black men in the book.
  4. Mr. McQueen poisons Rachett and breaks the watch in the book. In this movie version Mrs. Hubbard does it and Rachett isn’t poisoned.

I did like this movie version better than the 2001 version, but it doesn’t beat the original. Next Monday I’m watching Hidden Figures.

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