The Romanov Prophecy

I finished listening to The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry. It is another stand alone book. In the Cotton Malone book series there are seventeen books so far.

Warning: there is a lot of violence.

In this book, a man named Miles Lord is lawyer. He is in Russia looking to info that will be bad for the new czar of Russia. His co-worker on this job is gunned down in front of him. He runs for his life. He tells his boss about it. Unknown to him, his boss is behind the hit which was meant for Miles. His boss “works” for a committee that is trying to get a man to become the new czar of Russia. Miles does find info that would hurt the czar candidate. He finds info that two of the Imperial children had survived the massacre. While running for his life, Miles runs into a woman who ends up helping him in a quest to find the Imperial’s descendants.  They do find a descendant.

I did like this book. Next I’m reading Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie.

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