The month of January

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s birthday!! I celebrated by giving Lily a treat. My mother’s birthday is later this month.

Christmas is ok. Chris got me a book and an eagle statue. My best friend gave me some really good red velvet cupcakes. My cousin gave me a soft blanket which I’m using in here (computer room) and Lily likes it too. My mother gave some cute cat pjs, some nice bedroom shoes, a hoodie, a movie which I hope to see as soon as I get the book, and some cat jewelry.

The Blacklist is back on!! Yay!! (I will post about the season premiere on Friday) Manifest is back on too. This is Us and A Million Little Things will be back on later this month. Yay!!

I hope to get my clarinet back from the music store later this month. I hope I will have it before my birthday.

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