Christmas and the Month of January

I went up to New Jersey to visit my boyfriend. He has a new computer and I thought I would be able to get on here, but his computer doesn’t have a USB port which meant I couldn’t plug in my computer mouse. I also wanted to install the avast browser on his computer, but it wouldn’t work either. I did have a good time anyway.
He got me a new hoodie and a workout book.

Happy New Year!! and Happy January!!

Thursday I will be able to find out if my liver is better. (I had Hepatitis C and had the treatment. This is the last lab test.) Also I will be getting some curtains I ordered.

Saturday would be my grandmother’s birthday!! She died many years ago.

January 29th is my mother’s birthday!!

As for as tv shows I did watch that National Treasure show and it was really good.
Already started- Kaleidoscope on Netflix (I have heard this is a good show.)
Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches-AMC (I haven’t read all the mayfair witch books, but I do want to watch this.
Miss Scarlet and the Duke is back on PBS!!

The month of January

Happy New Year!!

Chris did come down for Christmas (his birthday). He is now 46 years old. He gave me a travel telescope which is really cool. I gave him his diamond painting and he liked it. He went back up to New Jersey on Dec. 29th. We saw the new Superman movie. I will post about it later. We also visited a museum near her that I had never been to. They had a vintage toy exhibit.

I also got two pairs of shorts from my great-aunt and cousin. I also got some socks and a new computer desk from my mother. Another cousin gave me some socks and gloves. My best friend gave me a journal and some earrings.

There really isn’t much happening this month. Chris had said about coming down this month, but when he went back home he found out his cat died so he might come down next month. This is US is coming back on tonight!! and The Blacklist is coming back on Thursday!!

The month of January

Happy New Year!!

Sunday night two new shows came on. I didn’t know it until yesterday. They are Call me Kat (a sitcom on Fox) and The Watch (a fantasy show on BBC America). I watched Call Me Kat yesterday afternoon. It was ok. I don’t know if The Watch was good.

Tonight Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist comes back on!! and Tonight This is Us comes back on!!

In two weeks I will be finishing my latch hook rug!! Yay!! I can’t wait to start on diamond painting.

Jan. 29th is my mother’s birthday.

New Year

Happy New Year!! ๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ†

I didn’t stay up until midnight. I did drink one glass of wine to celebrate and gave Lily a treat. I also watched some episodes of The Twilight Zone.

Today I gave Lily a treat and I will drink another glass of wine to celebrate. I will watch some more Twilight Zone.

Manifest comes back on this month!! Also This is Us comes back on!! Emergence comes back on!! The Sinner comes back on!! A Million Little Things comes back on!! Supernatural comes back on!!

Chris says he is coming down again this month.

Later this month my mother’s birthday!!

The month of January

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s birthday!! I celebrated by giving Lily a treat. My mother’s birthday is later this month.

Christmas is ok. Chris got me a book and an eagle statue. My best friend gave me some really good red velvet cupcakes. My cousin gave me a soft blanket which I’m using in here (computer room) and Lily likes it too. My mother gave some cute cat pjs, some nice bedroom shoes, a hoodie, a movie which I hope to see as soon as I get the book, and some cat jewelry.

The Blacklist is back on!! Yay!! (I will post about the season premiere on Friday) Manifest is back on too. This is Us and A Million Little Things will be back on later this month. Yay!!

I hope to get my clarinet back from the music store later this month. I hope I will have it before my birthday.

The month of January

I didn’t say onย  Tuesday what I got with my gift cards. With my Kohls card, I got a dark green ribbed shirt. It’s really soft and it fits. I now want the shirt in two other colors.

When me and Chris went to exchange the size of the Sailor Moon jacket he got me, I got the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I wanted to get Sucker Punch, but the store didn’t have it. Yes, I have seen both movies. I also got another bottle of hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

With the gift cards, I got some underwear and two wallets. One wallet for my best friend for next Christmas, and one wallet for my mother for her birthday.

Speaking of her birthday it is the 29th of this month. Also, the 14th would have my grandmother’s birthday.

Also this month some shows come back on. Including one I thought was canceled. I was really surprised that Falling Water is coming back on.