The Blacklist (season premiere)

I love the show The Blacklist. It reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. Last season I didn’t agree with the what was in the suitcase. I thought it was the bones of Liz’s mother. But no, it’s the real Red’s bones. I do have to admit that it kinda makes sense. Red did tell Liz that her father is dead and she shot him. But Tom had told her that her father is alive. I wonder if Red told the lie to Tom so he wouldn’t find out who he really is.

This season premiere Liz teams up with her half-sister to find out who this Red is. Liz is playing along with Red being a good daughter. The only thing that is driving me crazy is that every time Liz talks to Red she sounds so fake. Red has to see how fake it is. I do think this Red probably took the real Red’s name so he could get a hold of that info that Liz had her teddy bear which this Red had released many seasons ago.

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