Delirium (movie)

While I was staying at my uncle’s house during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence, my mother had said she had watched some of a movie and she wanted to watch it with me. So we watched Delirium on Netflix. It has Topher Grace, Patricia Clarkson, Genesis Rodriguez, Callan Mulvey, Robin Thomas, and Daisy McCrackin.

Warning: there are some scary parts, some violence, and a sad ending.

This movie is about a man named Tom. He and his brother had been arrested when they were young. His brother was sent to prison, but Tom was sent to a mental institution. He was getting released from the mental institution. The day before his release his father kills himself. He has to live in the mansion alone for a month. He learns the terrible truth about his father and mother.

I did like this movie. Like I said next week I’m watching Mr. Holmes.

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