Swagbucks and Chrome

A few weeks ago I discovered that Swagbucks changed their site. I think it’s so much better than before. They changed the watch page. Instead of having videos, they have a button to start something like the Ncrave. It’s pop-ups of different sites. It’s so much easier to earn on the site now. They also added the Swagbutton on the daily to-do list. I added it to Chrome.

I’m also still earning with Instagc. Instead of getting Petco gift cards, I got some Amazon gift cards and ordered my new Kindle today. Yay!! It should be here next week. (for some people who didn’t know, my Kindle had died) Now hopefully my mother will give me her bluetooth earbuds and I will be all set to read and listen to ebooks again.

Also, yesterday Chrome changed the design of their browser. It looks so modern now.
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