The Secret of Ararat

I finished listening to The Secret of Ararat by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips. It is the second book of Babylon Rising book series.

Warning: there are two sad parts.

In this book, Michael Murphy gets another clue to another artifact. He had to go into a cave. Inside the cave were two little puppies and a piece of wood which was the clue to what he was supposed to find. He rescued the puppies. The wood pointed to the story of Noah’s Ark. (I love that story because it’s amazing how they got the animals on ark.) The piece of wood was stolen. So the unknown man gave Michael another clue. Michael decided that he needed to find the Ark. He got a group of people together to go to Mount Ararat. Some terrible things happened while there. They were shot at, one man was killed while rescuing another guy. And two others were almost killed. Later it was revealed there were two moles in the group. One man from the group survived which was the pilot. Ms. McDonald also survived. She is the ancient language expert.  Michael and his team did see and walk on the Ark. They found a chest containing a sword and some measurement items. Also in the chest was something that could turn any metal into energy. The artifacts were stolen by Talon (a killer), but Michael managed to get the items away from the killer.

I did like this book. Next, I’m listening to The Europa Conspiracy by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips.

You can get this book at,, and

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