I watched Moana a few days early since the Eclipse happened yesterday. I had been wanting to see it. It was really good. I liked the music too. I laughed and cried. It also has a great message. Moana is about a girl named Moana.

Moana is about a girl named Moana. lol She was called by the ocean. Her grandmother told stories of a demi-god who stolen the heart of Te Fiti. The stone is the creation of life. Since he stole the heart, there is a curse of all lands which reaches Moana’s Island. Moana’s grandmother tells her that she must convince the demigod to return the heart. Moana ends up doing that, but Maui (the demigod) get discouraged and Moana decides to return the heart herself. When she does, everything is right again.

I loved this movie. Next I’m watching Trolls.

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