Fitness Tip

Here is an important fitness tip that I can everyone: Don’t do what I did.

About a year ago I started doing exercises on I had mentioned the site to my mother many years ago, and I guess she forgot that I had suggested the site to her and she suggested the site back to me. The site is free and all of the workouts are on I mostly do the dumbells upper body exercises that are featured on the site.

My fitness tip is to listen to the instructor when you do any workouts. If they say repeatedly to use lighter weights, do it unless you want to be a zombie for a week.

The reason I’m saying this is because I did a Tabata style 60-minute workout. I thought I could handle doing 10-pound weights on most of the sets. Daniel kept saying you should use lighter weights during the whole workout. I did switch to 5-pound weights when I was losing some form, but I really did stick with the 10-pound weights for most of it.

The next day I couldn’t move my arm above my head. They were very sore. Then later that week the rest of my body felt tired. I promised myself I will never do that again. I will switch to a lighter weight if I feel like I can’t handle it.

This is the workout I did:

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