My purse

Yesterday I posted about having the Holman study bible on my Kindle and that I can carry my Kindle in my purse.

Today I’m talking about my purse. Before I visited my mother, she kept saying that she had a pocketbook that she had, but she never used it. She thought I would like it. She was saying I could put my music and bible in the bottom compartment. I thought the bible would  make the pocketbook a little bit too heavy, but the music might fit.

When I saw her, she gave me the pocketbook. My music did fit in the bottom compartment. But then our music director left so now I don’t take pieces of music to church with me anymore. I still do play my clarinet, but I mostly either remember the notes or adlib.

Anyway, I found out my Kindle and Sunday school book fit great in the bottom compartment.Sunday I felt “naked” without all my usual stuff.

My pocketbook is the combination of these two purses:

Dasein Patent Leather Satchel with Hidden Compartment

The first picture is what my purse looks like with the bottom of the second purse without it being patent leather.

If you like these purses, they can found on and USA, LLC


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