Cups and Ink

Many years ago I was in a store and saw a pink tumbler. I like it and got it. Since I watch tv shows and movies online I could use the tumbler so I spill any of my drink on the computer.

But the tumbler came with a small straw and it was hard to clean. It said to hand wash only on the bottom of the cup. I thought about getting some replacement straws, but I never got around doing it. Then lately I saw black spots on the seal of the lid. I had tried to clean those spots, but they would come off.

So I decided to just get a new tumbler. I saw one I liked at Target. So this week I went to Target to find it. It is made by Aladdin. It’s a peach color with a big straw. I went to the aisle they said on the website, but couldn’t find it. I saw another one I liked. It’s made by Bubba and it’s pink. I also got straws so if I can’t get it clean, I can replace it.Then later down the aisle, I saw the Aladdin one I wanted it. I got it and replacement straws.

The Bubba one has a handle which will be nice when I have to go to my room to watch tv when my mother comes to visit.

Here’s what the tumblers look like:

Just before I went to Target, I had a little crisis. My black printer ink was running out. I wanted to print out a list of channels I now get on tv and I couldn’t read it. So I got some black ink while I was out.

The tumblers can found on and USA, LLC Visit


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