The Red Turtle

I watched The Red Turtle yesterday. I had taped it when Starz was a free preview. It is an animated movie. Lily, my black cat, gives this movie two paws up. It has Emmanuel Garijo, Tom Hudson, Baptiste Goy, and Barbara Beretta in it.

Warning: Have tissues ready.

It’s sorta a silent animated movie, but it’s really good. It is about a man who gets shipwrecked on an island. He’s all alone for a long time. He finally gets the courage to make a raft, but something keeps bumping his raft. It ends up being a big red turtle. Mad, he hurts the turtle. Then he feels guilty so he tries to bring it back to life. Then the red turtle turns into a woman. They fall in love and have a baby. Their son ends up living them. The couple grows old together.

I loved this movie even though it was sad at the end. Next week I’m watching It Follows.

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