Sad news and other stuff

Happy Black Friday!!

I had posted earlier that one of my cousins had cancer. He died a few days ago. His funeral is tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to my great-aunt’s house. Her house, as usual, was beautifully decorated. (I don’t decorate until today and I did this morning.)

I did order the calendars And my best friend’s calendar might be here tomorrow. Early this morning I got Chris’ hoodie, and some other stuff.

2 thoughts on “Sad news and other stuff

  1. I’m so sorry about your cousin. We’re u guys close? I hope you are doing okay and especially your Aunt and your cousins immediate family. I hate cancer it’s a merciless killer of all ages but I hope sometime in the future scientists will find better methods of treatment that help more people live and prevent the cancer from reoccurring. I read a great article yesterday that talked about stopping cell strands from ever turning to cancer cells. Essentially the strands need to separate to form Cancerous cells but they are coming up with a vaccine that stops this separation from ever occurring thus stopping the cancer from going farther or remaining.

    My condolensces to you and your family.

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