My shopping weekend

Black Friday was this past Friday. I shopped online. I had a cold anyway. I feel much better today.

There were some stuff I needed like thumb protectors when I play my clarinet. I had a strap, but lost the thumb cushion. Now these thumb protectors should help better because I won’t lose them.

I also got a blanket and a Petsmart gift card for Chris. My mother had took back her comforter claiming I wasn’t cleaning it good enough. That comforter Chris uses when he comes down for a visit. So I got a warm blanket for his visits. He has a cat and he needs to get some toys and good food for his cat.

I got some new bowls and toys for Lily. She tore a hole in one toy so she needed a new toy.

I also got a mp3 player so I can listen to my audiobooks in the living room since my new Kindle won’t play mp3 files.

Sad news and other stuff

Happy Black Friday!!

I had posted earlier that one of my cousins had cancer. He died a few days ago. His funeral is tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to my great-aunt’s house. Her house, as usual, was beautifully decorated. (I don’t decorate until today and I did this morning.)

I did order the calendars And my best friend’sĀ calendar might be here tomorrow. Early this morning I got Chris’ hoodie, and some other stuff.

Next week

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I have decided not to post that day. My mother will be visiting. So Happy early Thanksgiving!!

Then next Friday is Black Friday. I have decided not to post on that day too. I hope to be shopping that day. I hope to get a camera and a duvet. I know I will be getting two Kindle books and a dress. I won’t be able to have enough Amazon gift cards by next Friday to get the duvet.

I will post tomorrow and next Monday through Wednesday. USA, LLC Shop Amazon – Countdown to Black Friday