My troubles

Yesterday was a bad day for my computer. I have been wanting to save up Amazon gift cards so I can get a duvet. I have been doing several sites to get the gift cards. I do,, Bing, and Swagbucks. Each morning I start up

Each morning I start up and Yesterday morning wasn’t acting right. So I decided not to do the videos at all. Then later that morning, started acting funny too. I decided to do website surfing instead of the videos for awhile. Then yesterday evening while I was doing

Then yesterday evening while I was doing Swagbucks, Microsoft Edge disappeared. Now Edge won’t work.

Also, yesterday Overdrive decided to redo their website. It looks nice, but I kinda panicked for a moment because it asked me to add a card. I thought all my books I saved and the ones I have on hold were gone. But after I added the card, they were all there.

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