Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast

There were a few things I left out in my post yesterday.Mary Helen Bowers did something awesome when she did the dvds. She was pregnant at the time!! She had a little girl. Then she had another little girl not long ago. She has Ballet Beautiful baby dvds for women who are pregnant. I can’t give my opinion on those since I don’t want to have kids, but I think it’s neat that she has pregnancy workout dvds.

Anyway, the Ballet Beautiful dvd I’m talking about today is called Ballet Beautiful Body Blast. Mary Helen Bowers is the instructor. This dvd also has classical music in the background. The Body Blasts dvd has four workouts on it. They are 15 minutes each.You will need a mat, but no other equipment. The workouts are Butt series Part 1, Butt series Part 2, 15 Minute Body Blast (total body workout), and Swan Arms. The butt workouts are great. My butt is on fire after doing them. The Swan Arms workout is murder on your arms. She takes little rests in between. It is a great workout, though.

Check out the Ballet Beautiful Body Blast dvd on, or on
Ballet Beautiful at Walmart
icon USA, LLC

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