Never Go Back

I finished listening to Never Go Back by Lee Child. It is the 18th book of the Jack Reacher book series. I wanted to read/listen to this book because the new Jack Reacher movie is “supposedly based” on this book. The new Jack Reacher movie comes out in October. I just looked at the cast. Of course, Tom Cruise has been cast again for Jack Reacher. There is supposedly a witch doctor character cast which is NOT in the book.

Anyway, Never Go Back is about Jack Reacher. lol He sets out to go to DC to see the officer he talked to on the phone. He was wanting to take her out to dinner. The officer is head of the unit he used to work at. When he gets there, he finds out that she had been replaced by another officer. This new officer tells him that Susan was locked up for taking a bribe. The new officer also tells Jack that he is restated to the military and he has two charges against him. Those charges ended up being false charges. The bribe charge was also false. Jack and Susan do some crimes for a good reason so they can find out the truth. In the end, the bad guys kill themselves and the false charges are dropped.

I really enjoyed this book. It was touch and go, though. It’s sad what the bad guys did to cover their tracks.
I’m reading next: I’m going to finish reading Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan. After that, I might be reading Eye of The Minds by James Dashner.

If you want to see the new Jack Reacher movie coming out in October, I highly suggest you read Never Go Back first. You can find the book and audiobook at Amazon, Walmart, or Kobo.

Jack Reacher audiobook at Walmart
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