The Beaver

I watched The Beaver. I had taped it when it was on Showtime. It was directed by Jodie Foster. It has Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Cherry Jones, Anton Yelchin, Riley Thomas Stewart, and Jennifer Lawrence in it.

In this movie, a man named Walter is a toy company owner. He is very depressed and his company isn’t doing too good. His wife and kids are tired of him being depressed so his wife kicks him out. He goes to throw some stuff in a dumpster and finds a beaver puppet which he keeps. He tries to commit suicide, but the beaver “talks” to him in an Aussie accent. So he uses the puppet to talk to people. At first, everyone is willing to him a chance with the puppet. He even gets an idea for a new toy which helps his toy company come up out of the red. But then his wife can’t take him wearing the puppet everywhere. So she leaves him. He goes crazy saying the beaver is real. He ends up cutting off his arm to be free of the beaver.

I liked this movie even though it was a little hard to watch. Next week I’m watching Once upon a time in Hollywood.

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