The Month of July

Happy July!!

Yesterday was Fourth of July!!

July 9 Flowers in the Attic: The Origin comes on Lifetime.

July 10 Grantchester and Cobra come back on PBS!!

July 14th Resident Evil (series) comes on Netflix. I’m not sure if I will watch it. They changed the storyline from the original movies.

The month of April

Happy April!!

The cats got some treats on April 1st. They loved some new treats I got them.

April 15th a new show is coming on Amazon Prime. It’s called Outer Range. I can’t wait to see it.

April 17th is Easter. The cats will get treats.

Later in April is my best friend’s birthday. I can’t wait to give her the diamond painting I made her. The cats will get treats to celebrate her birthday.

The Month of September

Happy September!! Sept 1st was my great-aunt’s birthday. I also went to her house for Labor Day get-together. I did give Lily (my cat) some treats to celebrate. Yesterday was Labor Day. I didn’t work, but I did decorate the house for Fall. I also gave Lily some treats.

New and new seasons of tv shows are coming on. Sept 8th a new mystery movie is coming Hallmark Movies and mysteries channel. Sept. 24 This is Us is coming back on!! Sept. 26 A Million Little Things is coming back on!! Sept. 10th Mr. Mercedes is coming back on.

The First Purge

I watched The First Purge yesterday. It is the fourth movie in the Purge movie saga. It has Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Mugga, Patch Darragh, Marisa Tomei, Rotimi Paul, and Steve Harris.

Warning: there is lots of violence.

This movie is the prequel. So they select Staten Island as the place to do their “experiment.” It wasn’t really a success. There was only person killing and it was a crazy guy. So the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America) brought in missionaries to help make it a success. This should have told them that people don’t really want to kill other people.

I did like this movie. I can’t wait until tonight for the tv show. I’m taping it and watching it tomorrow. Next week I’m watching Solo. It’s a robot movie.

Dietland (tv show)

Dietland is a new tv show. It was on AMC. They had the season finale last week. It might be on Netflix in a couple of weeks. Dietland is based on a book by Sarai Walker. I haven’t read the book.

The show is about a woman nicknamed Plum. She is overweight. She has a job as being a ghostwriter for a magazine. Another aspect of the show is a group called Jennifer who terrorizes men and kills them. Plum ends up losing her job and finds out who is behind the group Jennifer.

I debated at first about taping the show, but I was intrigued with the mystery of Jennifer so I taped the show. I’m glad I did. The show does bring up alot of issues.

Reverie (tv show)

Reverie is an awesome new tv show. It came on NBC. They had the season finale of it this Wednesday. It reminds me of another dream show that was on earlier and a Black Mirror episode. This show should be on Netflix in a couple of weeks.

Reverie is about a company who makes a computer program that allows users to dream up other worlds. But people were stuck in the program because they didn’t really want to leave to face the real world. This caused people to have really bad health problems in the real world. (by the way, the man who played President Palmer on 24 and does the Allstate ads is on this show.) A woman named Mara helps the company with pulling people out of the computer program.

The season finale left a cliffhanger ending. I don’t know if there will be another season. I hope so.

The month of August

Happy August!!

Not much is happening in August for me. I hope to sometime this month be able to get some Petco gift cards from Instagc and SwagBucks.

Also I hope sometime this month to finally finish reading the last Dark Tower book. I’m reading it kinda slowly because Lily won’t let me read unless she’s asleep. And I have had some weird dreams because of the book. I’m going to be sad once I do finish it.

Some shows are coming back on. The Sinner came back on a few days ago. I hope this new season will be as good as last season.

Mind Blowing stuff

There are two things that have blown my mind lately. One I will hopefully post about on Friday. It deals with the book I’m reading which I hope to finish reading by Friday.

The other thing is a tv show that I have been watching. The show is called One Strange Rock. I had watched an episode with my mother (she was falling asleep through some of it) on Father’s Day. She keeps telling me that I need to see the other episodes. I decided to tape the show.

The show is hosted by Will Smith (love him). The show talks about our planet Earth. I have learned some stuff from watching the show. I always thought that it would be easy to move people to another planet like some movies out there. But we as a people forget the planets are moving all the time. So it will be hard to get people to another planet if we needed to. The show also talked about how gravity would make it hard too. And radiation would be another hard factor.

Another coloring page picture:



The Blacklist season finale

I love the tv show The Blacklist. It reminds me of The Silence of the Lambs. This season’s finale was a real shocker to me. And I’m little confused.

All this season was about the black duffel bag filled with bones. Kaplan wanted Liz to know whose bones they were. The search was on for that duffel bag. (I thought the secret was that the bones were of Liz’s mother and Red was protecting Liz. I was hoping they would eventually tell whose bones they were.) Another big surprise was that Liz has a “half-sister” (quotation marks because of the finale.) Liz did have justice for Tom’s killer (who was a crooked cop) at least.

The season finale revealed the bones were of the real Red. Liz’s real father. I think the writer’s memories have disappeared. Because in the episode when Liz shot that senator (many seasons ago), she tells Red she remembers how a gun feels in her hands. He tells her that she shot her father when she was little. She told Tom that Red told her that her father is dead. Tom was trying to her that her father is alive. The writers haven’t brought up the topic again since. So that being said, the bones must have been her father she had shot. But why take his name? And how does he know her grandfather?

I hope next season they will have more answers.



I love the tv show How to Get Away with Murder. I use RedRum for the show instead of that long title.

I watched the season finale this weekend and it was good until the end. I may have to quit watching the show if it gets even stupider. They messed up their own timeline. The end suggests that Annalise’s son is alive. Well in past episodes Frank didn’t know the accident he caused hurt the baby until he saw Sam in the hospital. Then later on Annalise finds out Frank caused the accident and he left. If Frank knew about her son, why didn’t he tell her? In the season finale, Frank acted like he wasn’t surprised. Plus where had been all this time and who told him?

A better storyline would be that Wes faked his death. Earlier they were concerned because his body went missing for awhile.