The Blacklist (season premiere)

I love the show The Blacklist. It reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. Last season I didn’t agree with the what was in the suitcase. I thought it was the bones of Liz’s mother. But no, it’s the real Red’s bones. I do have to admit that it kinda makes sense. Red did tell Liz that her father is dead and she shot him. But Tom had told her that her father is alive. I wonder if Red told the lie to Tom so he wouldn’t find out who he really is.

This season premiere Liz teams up with her half-sister to find out who this Red is. Liz is playing along with Red being a good daughter. The only thing that is driving me crazy is that every time Liz talks to Red she sounds so fake. Red has to see how fake it is. I do think this Red probably took the real Red’s name so he could get a hold of that info that Liz had her teddy bear which this Red had released many seasons ago.

The Blacklist season finale

I┬álove the tv show The Blacklist. It reminds me of The Silence of the Lambs. This season’s finale was a real shocker to me. And I’m little confused.

All this season was about the black duffel bag filled with bones. Kaplan wanted Liz to know whose bones they were. The search was on for that duffel bag. (I thought the secret was that the bones were of Liz’s mother and Red was protecting Liz. I was hoping they would eventually tell whose bones they were.) Another big surprise was that Liz has a “half-sister” (quotation marks because of the finale.) Liz did have justice for Tom’s killer (who was a crooked cop) at least.

The season finale revealed the bones were of the real Red. Liz’s real father. I think the writer’s memories have disappeared. Because in the episode when Liz shot that senator (many seasons ago), she tells Red she remembers how a gun feels in her hands. He tells her that she shot her father when she was little. She told Tom that Red told her that her father is dead. Tom was trying to her that her father is alive. The writers haven’t brought up the topic again since. So that being said, the bones must have been her father she had shot. But why take his name? And how does he know her grandfather?

I hope next season they will have more answers.


The Blacklist (season finale)

Over the weekend, I watched the season finale of The Blacklist. I love the show because it reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. To the writers, thank you, but you left more questions at the end.

Last season finale, Red’s cleaner was shot in the head and left for dead by Red himself. He was mad that she helped Liz escape. His cleaner ends surviving and is nursed back to health by a guy. This season Kaplan gets her revenge on Red by getting the FBI involved and turning his associates. In the end, Kaplan kills herself which is sad. And there is no hinting around. Yay!! Liz finally finds out that Red is her father!!

But my question is did Liz’s mother drown? I mean a few past episodes it was said she drowned. But it looks like maybe Liz maybe shot her mother by accident the night of the house fire and Red covered it up by starting the house fire.

I can’t wait for next season.

The Blacklist season finale

I love and dislike the show. This season finale didn’t reveal anything. They promised they would finally reveal something. An empty promise. I read an article saying that The Blacklist may be canceled. But they are doing a spinoff though.

Anyway, in this season finale, Alexander Kirk goes completely crazy. He keeps saying that Red had falsified the dna test. The test had come back saying she was not a match to Kirk. Red didn’t falsify┬áthe dna test. Kirk again kidnaps Liz. Red finds out where they are hiding and stands in place for Liz. He also has a gift for Kirk. A doctor that will cure him. Kirk tortures Red. Under duress, Red says he is her father. (but does that mean anything? I mean it’s under duress) Red ends up telling Kirk something that we don’t hear. Then Kirk is gone. (I do think Liz’s mother falsified the first dna test so Kirk wouldn’t find out that Liz isn’t her daughter.) At the end, Liz says she believes Red and that she did shoot her father.

I can’t wait for Jan. Hopefully, someday he will finally say it.

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The Blacklist season premiere

The Blacklist is a tv show. Last season was was really good. It was revealed that Liz was alive. Tom and she were going to escape Red. But then they were kidnapped. The man who kidnapped her says he is her father and not Red.

I disagree with the show. I know it’s too obvious that Red is her father, but I would want him to be the father than this other man. In the season premiere, Liz’s “father” tells her that he has a blood disorder and he is going to die. (I think he wants her and her baby so he can drain their blood.) I really thought it was going to end happily where the baby is back with Red, but she has kidnapped again.

I really hope this season gets better.

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