The month of September

Happy September!!

September 1st was my great-aunt’s birthday!! I gave the cat treats to celebrate.

Sept. 5th was Labor Day. I gave the cats treats to celebrate.

Sept. 14th The Handmaid’s Tale comes back on!! I can’t wait. I will be watching it.

Sept. 25th Van de Valk comes back on!! It’s a mystery show on PBS.

Sept. 27th La Brea comes back on!! I really can’t wait for that.

Sept. 29th CSI: Vegas comes back on!!

The Month of September

Happy September!! Sept 1st was my great-aunt’s birthday. I also went to her house for Labor Day get-together. I did give Lily (my cat) some treats to celebrate. Yesterday was Labor Day. I didn’t work, but I did decorate the house for Fall. I also gave Lily some treats.

New and new seasons of tv shows are coming on. Sept 8th a new mystery movie is coming Hallmark Movies and mysteries channel. Sept. 24 This is Us is coming back on!! Sept. 26 A Million Little Things is coming back on!! Sept. 10th Mr. Mercedes is coming back on.

The month of September

Happy September!!

Saturday was my great-aunt’s birthday!! We went to her house on Sunday.

Tonight is the Purge tv show. The show Manifest will be coming on the 24th!! I can’t wait. It sounds like the tv show Lost. This is Us comes back on September 25th!! How to Get Away with Murder comes back on September 27th!!

Also, we have to take Lily to the vet sometime this month for a wellness checkup.

The month of September

Happy September!! Today is my great-aunt’s birthday!!

Sunday I will be going to her house for a Labor Day get-together. Although my uncle won’t be there. He has decided to go with so-called best-friend to the mountains. My mother and I are scared of him going with him. He is still forgetful.

Nothing else is happening this month after Labor Day.

Days Off and September

Sorry, I haven’t done a blog post in last three days. Chris was here and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could because I haven’t seen him in a few months.

It’s now September. I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I’m doing some fall cleaning. I’m cleaning out my underwear drawer. I got some new underwear while Chris was here. I badly needed some new ones. I love VS. I also got some at Walmart too.

We also went to a local bookstore. Originally I didn’t want to go,  but I was happy we went. I didn’t want to go because it would drive me crazy of the books I want to get. But I found out they had the new calendars out!!  I carry a pocket planner in my purse. The one I have is a two-year calendar and it’s running out in December. I found one I really liked, but it’s only a one-year calendar. I got it anyway.  But they didn’t have the calendar I want to get on Black Friday so it looks like I will ordering the calendars online again.

Here’s what the planner looks like: 

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