Salem’s Lot (movie)

did watch Salem’s Lot last week. It is loosely based on the book by Stephen King. It has David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres, Julie Cobb, George Dzundza, Ed Flanders, Geoffrey Lewis, Barney McFadden, Kenneth McMillan, Fred Willard, James Gallery, and Reggie Nalder in it.

Warning: there is a lot of violence and gory scenes.

Quick Summary: The movie is about a town called Salem’s Lot which gets overtaken by vampires.

Here are the differences between the book and movie: 1. The characters names are different. Matt Burke is James Burke, and Floyd Tibbets is Ned Tebbets.

2. The doctor in the book is not Susan’s father. The doctor in the book is Dr. Cody.

3. In the book, Larry Crockett wasn’t having an affair with Bonnie Sawyer. In the book, it was an electrician.

4. The doctor dies on the stairs in the cellar. In the movie, Susan’s father gets impaled upstairs.

5. In the book, Mark kills Straker before his parents die.

6. In the book, Ben kills Susan before he kills Barlow. In the movie, he kills Barlow, then Susan finds him at the end of the movie.

7. All the vampires in the book have red eyes. In the movie, they have greenish eyes.

Even though there were differences, I did like the movie.

Salem’s Lot (book)

I finally finished reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. I wanted to read this book because it was mentioned in the Dark Tower series and one of the characters of the Dark Tower was Father Callahan from the book Salem’s Lot.

Warning: there is some violence and gory scenes.

In this book, a man named Ben Mears comes back to Salem’s lot to write a book on a house on top of a hill in Salem’s Lot. He wanted to buy the house, but he discovers the house was already sold to two men. Those two men also opened up an antique furniture store. Then a boy goes missing and a dog gets killed. The boy becomes the first made vampire in the town. He then makes his brother a vampire. Ben, Dr. Cody, and Mark Petrie become vampire hunters. Ben and Mark end up burning the town, but some of the vampires remain.

I really liked this book. Now I’m listening to A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L’Engle. It is the third book of the Time Quintet (A Wrinkle in Time) book series. I’m skipping the second book.