There have been alot of changes lately.
My mother will be living with me again. I will explain that on Friday. Also, AOL has changed their email again. I sorta like the new change. At least I won’t be accidentally deleting email.

Also, I decided to quit the adult paid to click site. It was taking too long to get enough to cashout and they changed their ads around. And I have been having fewer ads than when I started. Plus one ad kept freezing up. So I decided to add another site called Wordlinx, but it wasn’t what I thought. So now I do Ojoowad and Clicksbux.

Ojoowad is a neat paid to click site because they have a draw captcha for their ads. Both Ojoowad and Clicksbux have grids and offers you can do to earn money.

More work

Side note: I know people are fussing about the new reader on wordpress. I have to say I actually like it better than before.

Anyway, I thought about doing another paid to click site. I already do Neobux and Clixsense. I was thinking of doing Grandbux. Before I joined the site, I got Buxenger. It helps manage ptc sites. It’s really neat. I also joined an adult ptc site too.

Buxenger is an app you can add on Google Chrome or Firefox. The app though doesn’t fully support some of the paid to click sites like Neobux. Even though it’s not fully supported, you can still collect the sites like the supported ones. You won’t be able to get an automatic count of money you make on the site. It does save time.

Here is more info about the buxenger app and the other paid click sites I do.