Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter

A few months now, I have been following a blog by a man named Kent Wayne. He’s an author. He wrote the books Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter and Echo Volume 2: The Taste of Ashes. He writes funny ads for his books. He also writes musings of thought invoking stuff. I had been wanting to read his book, but never got a chance to buy it. Last week he had a free promotional of the first book, so I got the book for free!! I really liked the book even though I’m not really into war books.

Here is Kent Wayne’s blog:

Warning: the book has some violence and some cussing.

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter is about a man named Atriya. He lives on a planet called Echo. He is in a military unit called The Crew. But lately, he had been feeling like everything is going against him and he also started noticing things that most people wouldn’t notice. (I thought he was going to say that people were brainwashed, but I was wrong.) He gets into a fight with his old boss who is part of a religious group called the Jury. His old boss gets him to be part of a mission where most of the people are part of the Jury and they want to kill him. After the fight, he goes to see a woman who was in the military, but now she is a chaplain. She heals his knife wound he got in the fight with some energy work.On the mission, he thinks he is slowly losing his mind like his own personal nightmare.

I won’t be able to get Echo Volume 2: The Taste of Ashes yet.But I will eventually read it. I’m reading next either Zoo 2 by James Patterson (I have one person ahead of me ),or Eyes of the Minds by James Dashner (I’m next in line for it).

You can find both books on