Girl on The Train

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I haven’t been on lately because I haven’t been feeling good with allergies and other stuff going on.

Anyway, yesterday I watched The Girl on The Train. I know it’s not really a romantic movie. It is based on the book by Paula Hawkins. I have read the book last year. The movie has Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, and Luke Evans.

Warning: some violence and one sad part.

The Girl on The Train is about a girl on a train. Her name is Rachel. She watches a house where another woman lives. That woman is named Megan. Megan goes missing and is later found dead. Rachel tries to help solve the case because she thought she might have killed her. She does find out who did kill Megan and it wasn’t her. The movie pretty much followed the book. I do recommend reading the book first, though.

Next week I’m watching Inferno.

You can find the movie at