My new Easter dress

For a few years, my mother and I would go shopping for new Easter clothes near Easter. Last year we didn’t. I had still had my Easter dresses from other Easters. I tried on an old one and it was too tight.

I looked around the Internet for a new dress. I found one on I had found two unused Kohls gift cards. But I used one on some tights. The other one had seventeen dollars on it. It would be enough to get the dress. But then two pairs of jeans didn’t fit either so I used that gift card for a new pair of jeans.

I decided to go ahead and get the dress on Black Friday. On the site, it says the dress would run big so I got a petite small. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit good, but it does fit really well. I can’t wait to wear it on Easter.

The dress is an orange and black animal print. Here is the dress.