My booties

As I said earlier, I had to give away my white sandal dress shoes and my payless white flat shoes.
Since I was wanting to get that pink dress for my Las Vegas trip, I decided to get some pink booties. I wanted to shoes that wouldn’t twist my ankle and I could walk fast in them.

When I got them, I did try them on right away to make sure they would be perfect for the trip. They fit and they feel great on.

As it turned out, I ended up wearing them twice on my trip. I hurt the back of my heel when we were rushing to get on the second flight going to Las Vegas. In case we had to rush to get to the flight going back home, I wore the booties. The booties did come untied a few times, but they didn’t hurt my feet.

They have a women’s and girl’s size in this bootie. Here is the bootie I got: