A Birthday today

Today is my mother’s birthday!! She is 58 years old today. I was wanting her to take the day off today so I can spend some of the day with her, but she won’t. I also thought we were going to go out to eat today, but she said we will on Friday.

To celebrate I gave Lily three kinds of treats. I did call my mother to tell her happy birthday. I might send her e-card later.

My birthday weekend

I was sick on my birthday. I still have a cough, but no fever. I didn’t get to go anywhere for my birthday.

My mother did bring me a cake. It’s really good. She gave some coloring books and colored pencils. My best friend gave me a candle. When we celebrate our birthdays together, there will be a second gift.

Hopefully taking Theraflu tonight will take away my coughing for good so I can at least get to celebrate a little bit soon.

This weekend

Tomorrow is my birthday!!  I will be 38 tomorrow.

Last weekend my best-friend was supposed to come by to celebrate my birthday since she might have to work tomorrow. But she was worried about getting sick with the new strain of flu going around. We decided to celebrate my birthday with hers in April.

But then on Monday night I started coughing. I have been taking medicine and drink alot of water. Last night I didn’t cough at all. And this morning I only coughed a few times. My nose though is giving problems. I do feel a little better. I also been watching the Olympics which also helped me feel better.

My mother is supposed to be coming by tomorrow too.

Today and this weekend

Today is my birthday!! I will be┬áturning 37 at 5pm. I wrote Chris telling I’m 21 again. lol My mother made me a spice cake. It’s good. I got a soap rock from my great-aunt and a card from my mother.

This weekend my best friend and I will be going to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. While I’m gone, I hope my mother will dig up the roots of the holly bush (trees). I did get some zinnia seeds, aster seeds, and snapdragon seeds to plant in place of them.

This weekend

Sunday┬áis my mother’s birthday!! She came for a small visit Monday so she could go to a lunch interview on Tuesday. Monday night my uncle threw her a little birthday party. Tuesday afternoon she said she got the job!! So that’s why she is moving back in with me. Tuesday night we watched the Scientology shows. They were good.

Also, Chris is supposed to be coming for a visit tomorrow. I can’t wait for him to meet the kittens.

Another change was my Christmas Cactus. It is blooming. Picture was taken with my camcorder.


A Birthday Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my best-friend’s son’s birthday!! ┬áHis name is Brian. I think he will be 15 years old this year.

I had asked my best-friend if Brian had a friend named Brian. If he had history would be repeating itself, but she said no.

Ever since he was born, I had been giving him 10 dollars. One year I almost forget to send the card. This year I sent the card early knowing I was going to be away for his birthday.

This weekend is also Memorial Day weekend!! I don’t take days off for any holiday. This holiday our family doesn’t celebrate.
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Besties getting older

Yesterday was my mother’s best-friend’s birthday. Her name is Karen. When I was little, I had a hard time with saying her name so I called her KK. I still call her KK.
Today is my best-friend’s birthday!! Her name is Jessica too. She is going to be 37 years old. But I won’t be able to celebrate with her this weekend. I have known her since third grade. I asked Jessica why can’t we go backwards we hit a certain age? lol She has always for there for me and I love her for that.