The month of August

Happy August!!

Not much is happening this month. I know kids here go back to school August 17th. August 8 is International Cat Day. Of course the cats will get dry treats that day.

August 21st House of the Dragon comes on!! I hope to read GOT sometime.

August 28th PBS is doing a show on the Boleyns. I might watch it.

The month of August

Happy August!!

The new Twilight book is coming out tomorrow. Overdrive says the pre-release is August 8th. I have it on my holds. I’m a little excited about it. I had read the leak that came out many years ago thinking that she wouldn’t publish it. Now she has published it. I have been re-watching some of the movies to celebrate.

Nothing much else is happening.

The Month of August

I wasn’t feeling good this past weekend and yesterday I decided to listen to a meeting so this post a little late.

Not much happening in August. I gave Lily some treats on the 1st. Next Monday I’m going to give her some treats again.

August 26th is when schools around here start back.

I already did some Christmas shopping. I got my mother’s calendar, and I’m going to be getting my calendar soon. I have to wait until Black Friday to get my best friend’s calendar.

My mother and I have ordered some bamboo charcoal bags to see if they will help clean the air.

The month of August

Happy August!!

Not much is happening in August for me. I hope to sometime this month be able to get some Petco gift cards from Instagc and SwagBucks.

Also I hope sometime this month to finally finish reading the last Dark Tower book. I’m reading it kinda slowly because Lily won’t let me read unless she’s asleep. And I have had some weird dreams because of the book. I’m going to be sad once I do finish it.

Some shows are coming back on. The Sinner came back on a few days ago. I hope this new season will be as good as last season.

Today is the last weekday of July

I don’t want this month to end yet. This year is going too fast. I need it to slow down.

Next week will be August!! Also next week the Olympics start. I hope to get to watch some of it on tv. I love watching the gymnastics, and the equestrian. For the winter Olympics, I love watching the luge.

Also in August, children and college kids will be going back to school. My mother had thought about getting another degree (she graduated with one last semester), but she said she forgot to register for it. So she might not be able to do it for the fall.

Nothing big is happening for me in August.I just hope next month will be a little bit cooler than this month as been.I do hope Chris can get to come for a visit.

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