Bob Harper’s yoga

A few years ago I found out that Bob Harper had come out with a yoga dvd. Bob Harper was one of the trainers on the show The Biggest Loser. (I just found out he is now the host of the show.) I had stopped watching the show because it became too dramatize and not focusing on losing weight which is what the show is supposed to be about.

Anyway, since Jillian Michael’s yoga dvd was a little hard for me, I thought Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga for the Warrior dvd would be easier for me. I couldn’t find the dvd for a long time. I had seen it on the Walmart website, but then couldn’t find it. (I can’t find it now either.) So I waited awhile, and then I found and got it. I was very wrong, this dvd is not easy.

There are two workouts on the dvd. One is a 15-minute abs workout. The other is an hour long workout.  The 15-minute abs workout is super hard. I can bearly do the end of it because you have to touch your knee to your elbow.  But the workout is great because I can feel my abs for two days!!

The hour workout is also hard. He does tree pose which is hard for me because of my balance. I do try to do birds of paradise pose, but I can bearly do it.

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The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

A few years ago, an infomercial was on tv and it was for a dvd set called Kardio Karate. It is different than the Cardio Karate dvd set I talked about yesterday. This on was marketed as a much easier version, and similar to Tai Chi.  I had wanted to get the dvd set, but the price of it was a bit too much.

Here is a youtube video of the infomercial that was shown:

A few years later I found the dvd set was at, but it was sold out. Here’s the website for it:

One of the dvds of that set is called The Perfect Martial Arts Workout with Michael Nevermind. I found out it was sold as a separate dvd like the Martial Combo dvd (the one I talked about yesterday). It was categorized as Tai Chi on So I thought I would get it a try.

Michael Nevermind is the instructor of the dvd. The workout is 32 minutes long. There is no jumping and you don’t need equipment for the workout. Michael Nevermind is a really good instructor.  The workout is one fluid movement.

Later I found out that JB Burns, who created both dvd sets, had made a similar dvd. It is also named The Perfect Martial Arts Workout. He talks about the purpose of the moves. He also does a handstand at the end. He does really fast with the moves.

Here is the youtube of that dvd:

I really like the Michael Nevermind version because he does go slow which is perfect for days I need an easier exercise to do. But I wish he had explained the purpose of the moves like JB Burns does in his dvd.

You can find the easy version (Michael Nevermind) of The Perfect Martial Arts Workout on and
The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

Cardio Karate

Since I wanted to learn some martial arts, I found this workout dvd. It is called Cardio Karate Martial Combos with Steve Feinberg. Steve Feinberg is also the creator of SpeedBall Fitness which is a fitness program with medicine balls. Here’s more info on SpeedBall Fitness:

The Cardio Karate Martial Combos dvd is also part of 14 dvd set called Cardio Karate. I don’t own the 14 dvd set because some of the workouts require a pull-up bar which I don’t have. I am scared to own one where I live right now.Plus I think the workouts on that dvd set are probably hard since this one is.

Even though this Cardio Karate Martial Combos dvd is hard, Steve does make the workout fun. He makes rhymes the whole time. The workout is 60 minutes long. Also, some of the music is great. You don’t any equipment for this dvd. But at the end of the workout, there is some jumping. Steve Feinberg is a great instructor.

If you want a great and fun workout, try out Cardio Karate Martial Combos with Steve Feinburg. It can be found at or

A good beginner yoga workout

After getting the Yoga Meltdown with Julian Michaels, I wanted to get another yoga workout dvd. I decided to try out Rodney Yee. I had heard great things about him. I wanted to get an advanced weekly yoga dvd. It was called Yoga for your Week. But I got the wrong one.

The one I got is called Daily Yoga. Rodney Yee is a great yoga instructor. Colleen Saidman is also an instructor on this dvd. But this dvd would be great for beginners. It has five workouts on the dvd. They are Building The Foundation, Energize, Strengthen the Core, Clean It Out, and Calm Down. The workout is also in different styles of yoga. Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Restorative are the different styles. The workouts are between 18 to 25 minutes long.

There is also a 10 minute meditation that you can download on this dvd.

I really like this dvd even though it is more for beginners. I like to do the workouts when I don’t feel like doing any hard yoga.  I might someday get that other weekly one.

If you are beginner yogi, check out Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga on

Budokon 3

Even though the other two Budokon workout dvds were hard for me to do, I want to see how hard the third one is. It is extremely hard for me. I tried to tell that to Chris, but all he said was you will get used to it. I can’t wait until he sees it.But he is a blackbelt so the third one would be easy for him.

The third Budokon workout dvd is called Budokon Power and Agility. In this dvd, I think it has more martial arts than yoga. It is a 50 minute fluid movement. I have to take breaks alot to get water and get my breath. Cameron does go a little fast on some of the moves, but I do what I can with it. Also in this dvd, there is lots of pushups and a few jumps. I still can’t float anything. He does do Crow pose again in this dvd. I still think Budokon is fun to do even if it is hard for me.

Here is the website again for more info on Budokon:

If you want a fun and challenging workout check out Budokon Power and Agility on

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Budokon 2

I forgot to say that I had personally renamed Budokon as my personal torture because it is so hard. It can be fun at times. Also Chris had seen the first two workout dvds. He hasn’t seen the third one yet. I also forgot to say the music on the workout dvds is beautiful and awesome. When I do the mediation part, I think myself as a warrior. lol

I also forgot to put in the Budokon website for those people who want to know more about the workouts. Cameron Shayne does workshops all over the world. He also has teaching sessions which are thousands of dollars that happen all the world too. I did learn some through his periscope and youtube lessons. I sorta wish he would do another workout dvd for his second series. I say sorta because he has been doing handstands which I can’t do yet.

Here is the website:

Anyway today I’m posting about Budokon Strength and Balance.It is the second workout dvd. Like the first one it is a fluid 50 minute movement.I do takes breaks to get water and get my breath. This one has the balance pose Crow which I said previously was the pose my glasses became crooked on. I am little better with pose now. But you also have to roll up into Crow which I can hardly do. I modify it. Also you also roll into warrior three. I can hardly do that one too. You also do side crow which is very hard. Also in the dvd, you do floating pushups and floating komondo dragons. I can’t float anything yet.

Chris thought the floating pushups looked hard on this dvd.  Chris did like the two workout dvds.

If you want a fun and challenging workout check out Budokon Strength and Balance on

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Budokon workout dvds

My fiance, Chris, is a black belt in karate. He wants one day to own a dojo (a martial arts school). I asked him one time when he visited to teach me some moves. He taught me a move. I wanted him to teach me some more moves, but he told me to do that one move 50 times.

Since he doesn’t visit much, I decided to find a martial art dvd. I had been looking at the Budokon workout dvds for awhile before I really decided to get them. The Budokon workout is a mix of martial arts (mainly Karate) and yoga. There are three workout dvds. The first one I’m posting about today called Flow and Flexibility. The instructor is Cameron Shayne.  He is really cute. I found out later that he is from Charlotte, NC which is near where I live.

All the Budokon workout dvds are 50 minutes long. They also have tutorials on all the moves. Cameron is a great teacher too. They have mediation too. You can choose to the mediation at the beginning only, ending only, both, or no mediation. I do both beginning and end. At the end he says a saying.

Budokon Flow and Flexibility is a fluid 50 minute movement. He doesn’t take many breaks. I do pause the dvd to take breaks to get water and get my breath. In this dvd, you do third warrior which is a balance move. I can hardly do the move, but I attempt it. You also roll around on the floor which is fun. Actually the whole workout series is fun to do.

If you want to do a fun and challenging workout, check out Budokon Flow and Flexibilty on

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Yoga Meltdown

A few years ago I was channel surfing and I stumbled upon a channel called BYU. It’s Brigham Young University’s tv channel. I’m not a Mormon, but they had an exercise show on their channel almost every day.  The exercise show had all kinds of workouts. But mostly I was interesting in the yoga workouts.
One day I decided to try it out. I liked doing the yoga workouts shows, but then the channel stopped having them everyday. They then started started having the show just on Saturdays.  I wanted to try out some more yoga.

My great-aunt suggested that I should watch the show The Biggest Loser. I liked the show for a while until the drama on the show became too childish.So I don’t watch the show anymore. I knew about Jillian Michaels, but didn’t see how she is until I started watch the show. She is really tough.

I found out that she did a yoga dvd so I decided to give it a try. The dvd is called Yoga Meltdown. There are two yoga workouts on the dvd. Both workouts are 30 minutes each.  The first workout is a little hard for me because it has some balance poses in it. The balance moves are crescent pose and third warrior pose. The second workout has some core work in it and one balance pose. That balance pose is crow. It is the yoga move that I made my glasses crooked because I fell over. I saw an transformation in myself by doing those workouts. I can now do crow pose a little better without falling over.

I do like doing this yoga dvd. She does another yoga dvd out there, but it looks like too hard for me because it involves weights with yoga poses.

If you are into yoga, check out Yoga Meltdown on

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Women’s Health workout dvd and book

My mother used to love reading the Women’s Health magazine. A few years ago she got a free workout dvd and exercise when she bought a Women’s Health magazine.

The exercise book is called Total Fitness Guide 2008. It has some great exercises in it for all levels of fitness. It also talks about other exercise ideas like capoeira (an African dance martial art). It also has recipes and diet tips. There are pictures that shows the moves of all the exercises. The book is 361 pages long.

The Women’s Health workout dvd is called Ultimate Fat Burn. The instructor is Amy Dixon. She looks little bit like a friend of mine. She’s a great instructor. The workout dvd is 38 minutes. There are ads at the beginning of the dvd that you can’t skip. The workout itself is pre-built. You will need a pair of 3 pound hand weights for this dvd. It starts off with a warmup, then a cardio set, then a strength set with weights, then a cardio set,then strength set with weights, then a cool down.
There is a woman named Beth that does the easier version of the exercises on the cardio sets. I did modify some of the dvd until I got used to the moves. There is no jumping and no floor work in this dvd. But there is kickbacks if you want to do the harder version.

If you want a good workout and a great exercise idea book, check out the Women’s Health products on

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Another Tae Bo dvd

About a year ago, I decided to give my This is Tae Bo dvd to my mother. She is always complaining that she needs to start exercising so I give her that dvd. But she won’t use the dvd.

I decided to get a new Tae Bo dvd. I got Tae Bo Max Intensity. Billy Blanks adds in new moves and he adds in jumping near the end of the workout. I just don’t understand why jumps are always added at the end of the workouts on exercise dvds.

Anyway the dvd is 65 minutes long. At the end of the dvd he talks about pushing yourself. And he does push you in this dvd. By the way, Billy Blanks calls this dvd another name in the workout. He says it’s called The Tae Bo Way.

I do like the circle punch and some other moves he does in the workout. The workout is fast-paced. You don’t have to get on the floor in this dvd.

You should check out Tae Bo Max Intensity on, if you want a high intensity workout.
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