My blue/green shirt

Many years ago, I had a blue paisley turtleneck long sleeve shirt that I loved. The tag in the back of the shirt was itching me so I cut it out. When I took out the tag, it left a medium size hole. I wore the shirt anyway because I would have long hair when I usually wore it and the hole wouldn’t show. I also wore jackets too which hid the hole.

Last year my mother and I went through my clothes and I decided to get rid of that shirt. I hated getting rid of that shirt, but I knew that hole will eventually get bigger. So last Black Friday I saw a mock turtleneck paisley long sleeve shirt. The paisley is done in a blue-greenish color with a black background. The shirt is made by Kim Rodgers. I love the shirt.

I couldn’t find the exact shirt I got, but here’s some that are similar.

kim rodgers paisley shirt on ebay

Green jeans

Many years ago I had some green jeans. Those jeans got too little and I got rid of them. Then I got some low rise cargo jeans made by Mudd. I love those jeans. I usually wore for St. Patricks Day. One year I couldn’t find them and I ended up wearing some my mother’s green jeans that had a hole in them. I finally found those again and threw away my mother’s jeans.

This year I discovered those green cargo jeans didn’t fit anymore. I was really sad about that. So for my birthday I find some Gloria Vanderbilt green cargo pants. I loved them. They are very comfortable.

You find the similar green cargo pants on, and
Green Cargo pants on ebay Green Cargo pants on ebay

My pink jeans

Many, many years ago I got some pink Guess jeans. I loved those jeans. I grew out them, but I kept them. Every Fall season I would¬†try them on. I kept hoping they would fit. They didn’t every year.

About two years ago I finally gave up on them and gave them away. I was sad about it. Later on that year, my mother said she was looking in her mall and saw some pink jeans. She thought I would like them. She couldn’t buy them right then because I would have to try them on.

So that year’s Black Friday, I decided to get those pink jeans. They are made by Celebrity Pink. They are mid-rise skinny jeans and they¬†are an acid wash pink color. I really like them.

I couldn’t the exact color, but I found some that are similar. You can find them at Belks, Amazon, Dillards, and ebay.
celebrity pink jeans on ebay
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My new windbreaker

Many years ago I was given a starter windbreaker and pant set by my boss. I eventually grew out of the pants, but I kept wearing the windbreaker. The windbreaker was blue and white. The zipper tab broke off, but I still wore it. The jacket had a band around the bottom. I couldn’t really zip it up anymore. The white parts of the jacket was a dingy white, but I still wore it. Then one of the pockets had a huge hole in it.

I finally gave it up. I really hate seeing¬†it go. I loved that jacket because it was lightweight, kept the wind out, and it had an inside pocket. I looked everywhere for a new windbreaker that didn’t have a hood.I couldn’t find one.

Then¬†for my birthday I got a new windbreaker. I saw one I liked at a new discount store called Gabe’s. The jacket came in black and orange. For some reason, I’m really liking orange. The jacket is soft and lightweight. I thought I needed a size medium, but later I found out it was way too big. I went back to the store, and I got a small. It’s still a little big and a little¬†long, but it’s fine. It’s made of polyester.

Here’s info on the jacket:¬†


My purse

Yesterday I posted about having the Holman study bible on my Kindle and that I can carry my Kindle in my purse.

Today I’m talking about my purse. Before I visited my mother, she kept saying that she had a pocketbook that she had, but she never used it. She thought I would¬†like it. She was saying I could put my music and bible in the bottom compartment. I thought the bible would ¬†make the pocketbook a little bit too heavy, but the music might fit.

When I saw her, she gave me the pocketbook. My music did fit in the bottom compartment. But then our music director left so now I don’t take pieces of music¬†to church with me anymore. I still do play my clarinet, but I mostly either remember the notes or adlib.

Anyway, I found out my Kindle and Sunday school book fit great in the bottom compartment.Sunday I felt “naked” without all my usual stuff.

My pocketbook is the combination of these two purses:

Dasein Patent Leather Satchel with Hidden Compartment

The first picture is what my purse looks like with the bottom of the second purse without it being patent leather.

If you like these purses, they can found on and USA, LLC

Nice loafers

Before I begin my blog post, I should say I’m 36 years old and I have very small feet. I’m 4’11, but I always say I’m 5 foot tall.

Many years¬†ago I had some black penny loafers. I loved to wear them with my dress pants. Those black penny¬†loafers started hurting my feet so ¬†I got some new black shoes. They were more like clogs. I loved those shoes, but then later they started hurting my feet. I got some shoe liners and it helped, but I was sad that I couldn’t wear them without the shoe liners.

I looked everywhere for some penny loafers, but I could find any in the stores. Last year I finally looked on Amazon and I found some I liked. They say they are boys shoes on the inside flap, but I don’t care. I choose the deep red color. They are little big, but they are fine. They are made by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Here are the shoes I bought:

A cute rain jacket

A few years ago, my mother was complaining that I didn’t have a good warm rain jacket. So I picked out a puffer white and blue Columbia jacket. It’s really warm and nice. It even has an inside pocket and a headphone pocket. But the jacket made me feel like the Michelin man. So last year I started looking for a new puffer jacket with less puff to it.

I found one and it was made by Columbia too. It’s not as puffy and the color I picked was a light blue. Amazon only one jacket in that color and I got it. It’s a little big and the sleeves is a little long which is ok. It has an inside pocket too. But it doesn’t have a headphone pocket.

If you are caught in a storm, check out this rain puffer jacket by Columbia on
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Summer is here!!

Monday was the first day of officially summer!!
Tuesday I decided to try on my bathing suit on again to make sure it fits when I go to my grand-aunt’s house for the fourth of July. I can’t swim, but I like to get in her pool. Happily it fits still. I was worried because lately I had to buy some new bras and shorts.

Speaking of shorts, a few months ago I had tried on my shorts. I usually can fit in them, but not this year. Two of my shorts didn’t fit. So my grand-aunt and I went shopping for new shorts. I ended up getting three shorts. ¬†I gave those shorts that didn’t fit to my mother.

One of the shorts I bought is way too short, but I love the color of them.
I couldn’t find the exact shorts on, but here they are on the Kohls’ website:

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Flare Jeans

Before Black Friday last year, I discovered that some of my favorite jeans were getting holy. I went to the mall to see what they had. I was surprised and excited to see that flare jeans were back in style. I saw some Jessica Simpson flare jeans that I loved. I tried them on to see what size I would need. I wanted to get them on Black Friday.

On Black Friday though my mother fussed that the jeans were way too long on me.
I’m 4’11. They didn’t have any in petite. Then my mother was complaining that she was sick so our shopping trip was cut off short.

So I decided to find some flare jeans online. I saw some by Ana. So I bought them. They are high rise flare jeans. I love them. They fit perfectly and they aren’t too long.

I got the jeans at JcPenney. They do have some on, but they aren’t flare jeans and not the exact ones I bought.

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