The Dentist

I watched The Dentist for this week’s movie. This movie reminds me of American Psycho. I watched The Dentist on Plex. It’s also on Tubi. This movie has Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman, Molly Hagan, Jan Hoag, Patty Toy, Virginya Keehne, Earl Boen, and Mark Ruffalo in it.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence.

In this movie, a dentist named Dr. Alan Feinstone and he catches his wife cheating on him with the pool guy. He goes crazy and starts torturing his patients. He even molested one patient. Then he kills a co-worker when she sees the stockings in the floor. He does kill the pool guy and tortures his wife. He is later caught at a dentist university.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Dentist 2.

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