Christmas and the Month of January

I went up to New Jersey to visit my boyfriend. He has a new computer and I thought I would be able to get on here, but his computer doesn’t have a USB port which meant I couldn’t plug in my computer mouse. I also wanted to install the avast browser on his computer, but it wouldn’t work either. I did have a good time anyway.
He got me a new hoodie and a workout book.

Happy New Year!! and Happy January!!

Thursday I will be able to find out if my liver is better. (I had Hepatitis C and had the treatment. This is the last lab test.) Also I will be getting some curtains I ordered.

Saturday would be my grandmother’s birthday!! She died many years ago.

January 29th is my mother’s birthday!!

As for as tv shows I did watch that National Treasure show and it was really good.
Already started- Kaleidoscope on Netflix (I have heard this is a good show.)
Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches-AMC (I haven’t read all the mayfair witch books, but I do want to watch this.
Miss Scarlet and the Duke is back on PBS!!

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