Play Dead

I finished reading Play Dead by Harlan Coben. This is one of his standalone books and it is his first book published. Harlan Coben has written many books and some of his books are shows and movies on Netflix.

Big Warning: there is some violence and some shocking parts.

Note: I had two theories. I was half right about one theory, but I was completely wrong about the other theory. It will keep you guessing.

In this book, a woman named Laura secretly marries a man named David. David is a basketball player. They secretly go to Australia for a honeymoon. Laura’s mother disapproves of the marriage and that’s why they had to go in secret. They were having a good time until Laura is sent away to a business meeting. David then gets a call and goes to meet someone. He leaves a note for Laura and he disappears. The note said that he was going for a swim.  He was found to be dead and he drowned. It really didn’t make sense to Laura because he was known to be a great swimmer. So she digs deeper and she finds out some of David’s money is missing too. She finds out everything that happened in Australia has something to the past. She learns a terrible and shocking family secret that has led to three murders to happen. She stops the killer from killing a fourth victim. The killer ends up committing suicide.

I loved this book. I will read more of Harlan’s books. But now I’m going to read Lisey’s Story by Stephen King.

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