The Stepford Children

I watched The Stepford Children. It was made in 1987. It is one of the Stepford sequels. It has Barbara Eden, Don Murray, Tammy Lauren, Pat Corley, Randall Batinkoff, and Debbie Barker in it.

Big Warning: there is a little of violence.

In this movie, Steven Harding wants to move his family back to his hometown Stepford, CT. He has two teenagers Mary and David. Steven joins the men’s association and they want him to change his teenagers. The teenagers and most of the wives are robots. They all lack emotion. Steven’s wife wants to join the high school PETA, but there is no PETA (I guess it’s because everyone is perfect robots. They were so perfect that went crazy when some rock music played at a dance.) The principal tells Steven’s wife some surprising news about Steven’s first wife. His first wife had mysterious died. He never talked about her. His wife does some digging (literally) and finds out his first wife was a robot. She also finds out her daughter was now robot and her son was in danger of being a robot too. She ends up saving her real daughter and her son. And they leave Stepford.

This was a creepy movie and I liked it. Next week I’m watching Revenge of the Stepford Wives. It is the last of the sequels and it was made in 1980.

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