The Stepford Husbands

I watched The Stepford Husbands. It is one of the Stepford sequels. It was made in 1996. It has Donna Mills, Michael Ontkean, Cindy Williams, Sarah Douglas, Louise Fletcher, Jeffrey Pillars, and Joe Inscoe.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a woman named Jodi and her husband Mick live in New York. Mick is a writer and he is unhappy in New York. Jodi says maybe a change of scenery would help him. Her friend lives in Stepford CT so they decide to move there. Mick is unhappy there too. He is always angry. Jodi’s friend decides to intervene and get him some “help.” But Jodi doesn’t know that the couple that lived in the house before had been through that same “medical” help and the man shot his wife and himself. After Mick goes through the reprogramming, he has to take alot of medication. Mick is too agreeable to Jodi. Jodi switches Mick’s meds and takes his original meds to the hospital to find out what they are. They are serious drugs. Mick gets really sick and they try to change Mick again. Jodi tries to free Mick and the doctor who started it all decides to help free Mick. Mick then writes a book about it and it becomes a movie.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Stepford Children. Another sequel that was made in 1987.

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