Scales of the Empire

I finished reading The Scales of the Empire by Kylie Chan. It is the book of the space dragon book series. There are three books in the book series. She has also written a martial arts fantasy book series of 9 books.

Big Warning: there is some violence

Note: I Did Not like this book. I love the martial arts books better because the writing was better in it. I am not reading the next book in the series right now. I might read the next book while waiting on other books.

In this book, a black woman named Jian is a soldier. She is also a psi. She is in a relationship with a man and a woman. The other woman is pregnant. Jian hadn’t told her partners because she was afraid they would dump her. Jian is picked to go to another planet to help colonized it. She agrees to have two kids from two fathers. (This is set in the future where supposedly there is not much oxygen left.) While training for the program, a spaceship appears. It is a space dragon alien and her AI named Marque. The space dragon had saved some other colonists. The space dragon picks Jian and captain Richard Alto to come on her ship. They instantly fall in love with the space dragon. The space dragon meets Earth’s officials. The general tells Jian and Richard that they are mind-controlled by the space dragon. They don’t believe it, but they later believe it.  (It is obvious that they are. They later found out all the space dragons mind control other beings.) The space dragon agrees to help take other countries to other planets so they can colonize them. Marque gives everyone extended life and controls the weather (which is a bad idea in my opinion.) Jian and Richard live on the space dragon’s ship. They discover an enemy of the space dragons which are cat aliens. Marque doesn’t save Richard’s life and he is grounded on Earth for awhile. He refuses a scale from the space dragon. He rather die than to be mind-controlled again. Jian discovers that her partners want to use her to get to the space dragon and she breaks up with them.  Jian goes to the planet that she promised to go to and then the cat aliens appear. It tells them that space dragons want to control Earth. The cat demands them to give it their food. It takes the food (potatoes) and kills almost everyone. Jian is the only survivor. Then the general tells Jian that the officials want the space dragon to impregnate humans so they can own dragons that can take them to other planets. The space dragon doesn’t want to but agrees if Richard is brought up to her ship to be healed. They agree, and the space dragon starts the process. But the space dragon doesn’t tell the girls not to have sex which causes almost human extinction. There is another cat attack and they try to spray them with chili pepper which works. It doesn’t kill them but hurts them. The space dragon’s mother agrees to stop the human extinction in exchange for their help to hurt the cat aliens. Marque even gives every human a soulstone.

Like I said I didn’t like this book. Now I’m reading Play Dead by Harlon Coben.

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