The Gravity Engine

I finished reading The Gravity Engine by Kylie Chan. It is a stand-alone book of the martial arts fantasy book series I just read.  This book is supposed to be read after Demon Child and before Black Jade.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this book, Michael is seeing Clarissa every day, but she wouldn’t talk to him. So the doctor told him not to see her as much and she will come around. He gets bored at work and his brother comes to say he can go out hunting with him. So he does with a small crew. They find an interesting cave that does have snake demons, but in the end, some of the fighters get killed and Michael is taken. The son of the Demon King wants Michael to make a pact with him to destroy the Demon King and the son will take over. Michael has no choice in agreeing to the pact. He is taken to the Western Heavens. He finds out the Demon King has his mother and Clarissa. (They are demon copies and poor Michael finds out the hard way that they are.)  The Demon Kings are using them as bait so Michael would make a blueprint of a gravity machine and also make the machine itself. The Gravity machine is supposed to help anyone that comes to Western Heavens to stay on the ground. Michael does make the blueprint. He tries to free the demon copies but ends up killing them instead. In shock and sadness, he kills himself and lands in Court Ten back at home. He didn’t make the machine. He tells the Jade Emperor and his father that he didn’t learn much. He didn’t tell them about the demon copies. He told them he didn’t have the blueprint and he was a failure. (IMO I think they should have looked into his memories to get what the blueprint looked like.) Then he sees Clarissa again and they are talking to each other again.

I sorta liked this book. Now I’m reading Scales of the Empire by Kylie Chan. It is the first book of a space dragon book series.

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