Dark Serpent

I finished reading Dark Serpent by Kylie Chan. This book is part of a martial arts fantasy book series. She has written 10 books of the books series. She is writing a new book of the series and it will be out soon. She wrote a dragon book series that I would like to read.

Big Warning: there is some gross parts and one “sad” part.

In this book, Emma, John, Simone, and three others went to Wales to find out about Emma’s heritage. They find out that she is from a serpent people who were made by gods to help destroy the Romans. The problem is that the serpent people accidentally kill John and Emma gets kidnapped by the Demon King of both the West and East. They want to take over the world. George aka Kitty Kwork wants to have Emma’s kids. Before she was kidnapped, Emma discovers she is pregnant.  She “loses” the baby and George takes some of her ovaries again. (I sorta think George lied to Emma saying the baby is dead.) John goes crazy and goes to the West Heaven, but ends up going back home to find the Mountain has been attacked by some poisoned insects. But then the gateways are closed to the Western Heavens. John does find a way and he rescues Emma. The elixir is ready for Emma to take for her to be raised to be immortal like John.

I love this book. Now I’m reading Demon Child by Kylie Chan. It’s the next book in the book series. 

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