The Forever Purge

I watched The Forever Purge. I had seen the other Purge movies and the tv series. I had forgotten that they made a new one until I saw an ad of another Purge and looked it up to see if I had seen it and remembered that I hadn’t seen this one. It has Ana de la Reguera, Tenoch Huerta, Josh Lucas, Leven Rambin, Cassidy Freeman, Will Patton, and Gregory Zaragoza.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence and one sad part.

In this movie, a woman named Adela and her husband sneak into Texas from Mexico. Her husband works for a ranger. She works in a kitchen. Then the Purge day comes. Her husband and other workers are given a bonus to keep safe. Purge happens and they go to a building to wait. Nothing really happens (I kept thinking that the ranger’s son was going to go out to kill Adela, but it doesn’t happen). The next morning everything is supposed to go back to normal. But things don’t happen that way. A group of people continues the Purge. Saying it’s the Forever Purge. One of the ranger’s workers kills the ranger and Adela’s husband kills the killer and saves the ranger’s family. Adela almost gets killed but is saved by a co-worker. She is taken into custody, but she later meets up with her husband. They all decide to try to make it to Mexico. They do make it with some help.

I liked this movie. I have read that there might be a new one after this one. Next week I’m watching Vacation.

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