Heaven to Wudang Jorney to Wudang Book 3

I finished reading Heaven to Wudang Journey to Wudang Book 3 by Kylie Chan. This book is part of a martial arts fantasy book series. She has written 10 books of the books series. She is writing a new book series and it will be out soon. She also written a dragon book series that I would to read.

Big Warning: there is some violence and some sad parts.

In this book, Emma keeps getting feelings and short visions of impending doom. But she and the others don’t know exactly what the doom is. They think there will be hundreds of demons outside of the Academy. They discuss who will help bring John back. Leo tries to volunteer, but they end up picking two generals instead. So one of the generals brings back John. John tells them that there are fake students in the academy who will explode if they know everyone knows. In the end, they lose a lot of students. Then Emma’s nephews go missing. They raided every research building that “Kitty Kwok” was at. Emma thought her nephews were at one building and let her be taken. She was given more demon essence and her memory wiped. But she had been wrong her nephews wasn’t there. The police found out the passport was fake and she almost went to prison until a police officer that used to haunt her saved her. John restored some of her memory, but the Jade Emperor restored her memory. They found out where Kitty’s hideout was. They found Emma’s nephews and Michael’s girlfriend (who was thought dead). They were tortured badly. Simone also gets poisoned and John helps her by slicing off his arm.  Then Emma’s parents and sisters decide to change their name and go into hiding. She won’t be able to see her parents again. Then Simone goes missing. They find her and she was drugged.  Emma gets radiation poisoning. They take Kitty to see the Demon King as promised. They lead her to the jade cage. This is where they find out Kitty was all along the Demon King. (plot twist which I sorta guessed)  Emma almost died and John’s serpent appeared and healed Emma. Then Emma killed John and the demon king let her go. The Jade Emperor thought maybe the Demon King had put something inside her to change her somehow. Emma lets them see if he did. And he did. John got rid of the thing that made her less fearful and has a death wish.  But now the Demon King is torturing John’s serpent.

I loved this book. Now I reading Dark Serpent by Kylie Chan. It is the next book in the martial arts fantasy book series.

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