Flowers in the Attic: The Origin: The Murderer

I watched part 3 of Flowers in The Attic: The Origin: The Murderer. It is based on the book Garden of Shadows which was written by Andrew Neiderman who is the ghostwriter of V.C. Andrews. Yes, I have read that book, but it’s been awhile since I read it. It has Jemima Rooper, Max Irons, T’Shan Williams, Peter Bramhill, Alana Boden, Evelyn Miller, Buck Braithwaite, Luke Fetherston, Hannah Dodd, and Kate Mulgrew.

Big Warning: there is some hints of incest.

In this “episode,” Alicia does show up at the Foxworth Hall to tell them she has cancer. She tells them that she wants them to take care of Christopher when she passes. They agree and they tell Corrine that Christopher is her uncle. But in reality, they are half brother and sister. Joel is found out by Malcolm and Malcolm sends him to a hospital to convert him to be normal in exchange that Harry be freed from jail. At the hospital, they use shock therapy. Olivia comes to her senses and rescues him. Joel gets disinherited and leaves with Harry. When Corrine and Christopher fall in love and they have sex on Malcom’s mother’s bed. Olivia sees them. Mrs. Steiner ends up working for the doctor and she finds out about Joel and Corrine’s birth records. She bribes them, but Olivia pushes her and she hit her head and dies. They bury her.

I sorta liked this “episode.” Next week I’m watching the last part: Flowers in The Attic: The Origin: The Martyr.

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